Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Add pizzaz to summer strawberries!

My kiddos love strawberries with sugar. I saw a picture in Family Fun magazine, and decided to attempt to add some pizzaz to our strawberries. 

First, gather your strawberries
Add some food coloring to a bowl of sugar. It will be clumpy, so work through the clumps and add more food coloring til the desired color is reached. 
Get some icing! I used strawberry icing, but I think cream cheese icing would be good too
Ice the bottom of the strawberry
Dip in the sugar!
mmm; pretty!
Plate and serve!


  1. What a great simple fun idea for the kiddos! Thank you!

  2. these are so cute, and look very tasty!

  3. I love using cream cheese and powdered sugar instead of frosting and if you use the sugar crystals for cake decorating they are even more sparkly! ;D