Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday; Last week of school

Sunday- Parmesan Garlic chicken, homemade baked beans, rice (All from last week, that I didnt get to)
Tuesday- Eddie's enchilada's (didn't make these last week. Last week got busy, okay?!)
Wednesday- Baked Penne with gouda and garlic sausage (I'm using this kind of sausage that I bought at Sams, instead of Italian sausage)
Thursday- Kid's night; If you can find it, eat it. Salads for Edwin and I (Kade, our oldest, is leaving Thursday night for Disney World with his Mimi and Grandpa for 14 days! This is also the boys last day of school and Kai's end of the year party)
Friday- No more school! Grilled Teriyaki chicken, corn on the cob, rice

I know I said I was going to make and post pictures of my graduation cookies, but they didnt turn out so well! I went to a baker's supply store and bought some cookie cutters and great stuff! I"m going to try again, and make some Palm Tree cookies for Kai's end of the year party (It's a luau). The icing is REALLY yummy; it's the sugar cookie part that I messed up somehow! 

Okay lets be honest; I got impatient and didn't leave it in the refrigerator long enough. Then it was too sticky when I was using cookie cutters, so I added more flour; which just made it taste to floury! There, I admitted it.  


  1. Your meals sound great, especially the teriyaki chicken, yum! With corn on the cob... that's definitely the way to welcome in the summer. You should check out springpad's weekly meal planner - it's a great way to organize all of your menus and recipes, I think you'll really like it!

  2. LOL! I get impatient waiting for sugar cookie dough as well.

  3. Aww Shelly. I am so proud of you. This instant mama thing has such a steep learning curve eh? Your food sounds yummy and you seem to be doing so much better than I did when I was a chia mom... lol, like a chia pet- neways... My husband said I was the best cajun cook around because everything I served seemed to turn out blackened. I have since stoped turning the chicken nuggets into charred dust a la marvin the martian. I am glad you are doing so well.