Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cooking from Houston

I promise I'm still here. Do I still have any readers?! Life has been busy and we've been moving around and trying to settle. We're still not settled completely, but it's a work in progress. We're back in Houston; for those of you that knew we've been trying to move. Edwin goes back to work on Monday, and the kids go back to school the follow Monday. Our uncertainties of moving to dallas or not, have at least been answered for the present moment. We're continuing life and trusting God for His perfect timing. It's not so easy to trust God when you're actually in some sort of predicament. 

I'm still cooking. Really. I've ruined myself by seeing Julie and Julia (or is it the other way around?!), and now I want to take a cooking course of some sort. One more thing to add to the table, right?! Ha. Maybe when life settles in Dallas one day... How great would that be?! Oh to think of the things I'd learn and gain confidence in! Instead of having meltdowns in my kitchen, breaking bowls when I drop them, burning and ruining dinner for a family of five, or creating something horrible; I can experiment and do all that in class and perfect it at home! Lovely. 

Because believe me; if you've seen the movie, I've had those moments of crying because of dinner. Frustrations to get it right and it's not. The stress, fear, and anxiety of a family to impress to only not be told thank you, or appreciated for cooking all the freakin time! Can I get an amen?! (my husband is sitting by me as I type this, and just gave me a little "amen" shout out).

My husband and I just purchased a FABULOUS new fridge today. Simply grand. At what point in our lives did we begin getting excited about stinkin appliances?! Well, I can't wait to grocery shop and fill it, and begin cooking again. I might have to take a picture of it and show you. It would make me happy my excitement with you! 

On another note, we had a fabulous two weeks in Dallas with my parents, and I'll blog and post pictures on my other blog; as soon as we're somewhat settled in our new place; and out of a hotel!

In the meantime; keep cooking and inspiring me as well as so many others! 

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