Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So, lets be HONEST for a moment. I like to try a lot of new things when I cook and bake. I try not to try TOO many things during the week, because I'll have 4 unhappy campers if its a FLOP. Sometimes I try 2 new things a week, but I"m trying to keep it to 1. The problem is that I ENJOY trying new things, both cooking and baking; however, my husband and I discussed that my baking endeavors are usually a big fat FLOP with the fam. They would just prefer good old chocolate chip cookies and box brownies. Which, that should be easy and great right?! BUT I have JOY in cooking, and find satisfaction during the cooking PROCESS. I think my taste buds may be a bit more exotic or broad than the rest of my family. There are things I DESIRE to make and try, but I don't because I don't think my FAMILY will share in my enthusiasm. And again, let's be honest; usually KIDS don't!  So those are my thoughts for the moment. I think we all desire to please the tummies; yet, please our own CULINARY desires. I hope I can continue to find the BALANCE between the two. 

Sunday- Bourbon maple pork loin, sauteed zucchini (I sautee zucchini in olive oil, and add a dash of garlic salt, paprika, parsley flakes and either some chopped onion, or just minced onion; taste and add more if needed!), and baked red potatoes with parmesan (from last week)
Monday-Spinach and Cheese manicotti (from last week)
Tuesday- BBQ Sandwiches (easy peasy)
Wednesday- Lanthem Stew (layered casserole. I call it the poor mans dinner. My husband's favorite, but definitely not mine! ha)
Thursday-Bacon wrapped teriyaki chicken kabobs, rice, and broccoli (we LOVE this meal!)
Friday- Kids night or out to eat

Desert- Autumn Rice Krispy Treats, and/or Homemade chocolate chip cookies with eggless cookie dough recipe (so I can eat the dough!)

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  1. I too love baking and Jason loves cooking. Everytime I start cooking Jason takes over, which doesn't bother me AT ALL. To me cooking is way too much work for only a few minutes of eating....haha! Cayman is a VERY picky I've learned that if I let her help me with the baking, she and the rest of the family are more likely to eat it and like they are hard on mama. Don't give up on something you love doing. It will pay off.

  2. Yummy week - especially the maincotti!!

    Praying you find balance in your kitchen over the next couple weeks.

  3. My husband would be just as happy with meatloaf and mashed potatoes every. single. day.

    I'm finding that compromise is the name of our game - he gets his meatloaf - sometimes. And I get what I want - sometimes. We sit down together and plan the menu, something for him that I'm less than excited about, something for me that he's less than thrilled with, and mostly, stuff we're both good with.

    It works for us. . .

  4. Awww...that's kinda sad. I agree with Angela, don't give up. One day their taste buds will mature and they will learn to like more things. Until then, we will be happy to have you test out some of your yummy recipes on us!!! We're pretty easy as you can tell by our growing size. :( Look forward to seeing some of your cool cupcakes or other concoction at Thanksgiving! Go for it!