Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Menu

southern living

Things are about to get even crazier at our house, so I thought I would post our Easter menu now! Im going to post pictures and recipes once I cook. Our kitchen is being painted on Saturday and everything is currently in the garage, so I'm hoping Easter is actually going to happen! We're going to have 7 adults and 5 kiddos (plus 1 newborn!) What are you cooking on sunday?!

Creamed Corn
Maple Baked beans
Green Bean casserole 
Sweet potato casserole
Fruit salad 
Cheesy garlic biscuits 
Sweet tea 

Desserts-Birds Nest (BHG), lemonade icebox pie (mother in law is making!), homemade pound cake (mother in law is making!)


  1. OMG sounds absolutely perfect. Enjoy your day..

  2. well.... we have home group Sunday night at our house and we're having a breakfast feast for dinner. So I'm making pancakes. Seems I have a few things to learn about Easter planning from my daughter! Happy Easter! Love you!

  3. the picture of the table outside made me think that you can always have your meal in your backyard if the house isn't put back together from all the painting. Everyone BYOC bring your own chair. It could work!

  4. Sound wonderful! Can I come to your house?