Friday, April 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm so thankful that things are finally "normal" around our house again! Sunday, we spent the entire day cleaning out our garage and getting everything put back in its place! Although now, our garage door is broken, and I"m working on painting all the baseboards and trim in our house. It's never ending...

This Thursday, Edwin and I are flying to Dallas for a job interview and my grandpa's 87th birthday party! It will be a quick weekend (and the kids are staying in Houston), but great! Here's what I'm cooking...

Monday-Potato Chip Crusted Chicken, creamy bow tie pasta (STILL have not made this; maybe I should give up!)
Tuesday-Lantham Stew (didn't make this last week)
Wednesday- Italian Chicken Casserole, garlic bread
Thursday- Breakfast for dinner; eggs, sausage, biscuits

For dessert, I'm making flower shaped, pink velvet cupcakes with a white chocolate icing. I'll post the recipe and pictures when I make them. I"m very excited (and so is Keira!)


  1. Oooh the Italian Chicken sounds great! I love Paula!

  2. Great menu! The chicken recipes sound great.

    Have a great week!

  3. mmm...i am always looking for new recipes! Gotta try these!

  4. wow can u make me a cake..hope to be friends..

  5. actually my husband wouldn't stay away from the batter!!! My icing didnt turn out well, i used white chips and i think they were a lil old, so im running out soon to get some white chocolate chips instead to put on the rest of the cupcakes. The cupcake itself tasted WONDERFUL!!! Thanks again girl!